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Last year, the House acted to treat health information fairly across all health and mental health conditions, passing a bill to align substance use health information standards with the standards for all other health conditions. Although the bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, it unfortunately stalled in the Senate.

But, we have another chance to pass this important legislation.

Congress has introduced H.R. 2062, the Overdose Protection and Patient Safety Act and S. 1012, the Protecting Jessica Grubb's Legacy Act . These bipartisan bills modernize an outdated federal regulation known as 42 CFR Part 2, which treats substance use information differently than other health information. Currently, your doctor can see information about your health history, like diabetes, which affects what medications you can take and other treatment options. But your doctor can’t see the same information about a substance use disorder, even though that can cause life-threatening complications.

Treating health information unequally hurts all of your health and mental health care—and that needs to change.
We need to treat individuals holistically, so providers have access to a person’s mental health AND substance use information. These bills align 42 CFR Part 2 with HIPAA, which protects health information for all other health conditions. They also include additional safeguards to ban discrimination based on a person’s substance use history.
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