Tennesseans Lose with Block Grants

Stop the Medicaid Block Grant Bill

The bill that would convert TennCareĀ into a block grant has passed the house and will be voted on by the Senate Health Committee this coming Tuesday, April 23rd.

Send a message to your state representative, senator, and Governor Lee in case an amendment is approved and has to go back to the house for approval. Personalized messages are always better. You may add your own testimony and concerns in your message below.

This bill weakens accountability for how the state spends public funds, and could weaken quality of care standards for long-term care services, including those serving Tennesseans with serious mental health conditions. Block grants mean a cut in federal Medicaid funding (not an expansion), which means a cut to the single largest payer for mental health services.

Turning Medicaid into a block grant would put Tennessee and TennCare beneficiaries at financial risk, and it would make it harder for our state to address our urgent health care needs. Call on lawmakers to not cut TennCare, and to protect the health coverage of Tennesseeā€™s most vulnerable children and families. Tell your lawmakers that a Medicaid block grant would also have devastating impacts on services and centers that all Tennesseans rely on, including those serving Tennesseans with serious mental health conditions.

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