ACTION NEEDED: Help our schools stop suicide. Urge your state representative to pass SB 1390!

NAMI Texas advocates and allies in mental health and suicide prevention,

Texas has a public health crisis with its steadily increasing suicide rates.  1 out of every 8 Texas students attempted suicide in the past year in 2017, which is twice the national average.  Most schools are not fully prepared to prevent and address student suicide until it's too late.  Less than half of Texas school districts reported using a best practice suicide prevention program in 2017, and our teachers are only required to receive suicide prevention training during their first year in a school district.

We need schools to be ready in a crisis and help keep our children safe and healthy.  Senate Bill 1390 helps our schools proactively stop suicide by requiring school districts to develop plans to address suicide.  The bill also raises awareness of suicide prevention through regular teacher training and engagement of students and families on the issue.

This comprehensive bill could dramatically change the conversation around student suicide in Texas and help save countless lives, but it needs your help now to become law!  SB 1390 is scheduled for a vote on the House floor on Tuesday, May 21st, but needs your help to pass.  Please send a message today to your state representative and urge them to support SB 1390 to save student lives!
Thanks for your support!
This campaign has now concluded.