ACT NOW: Help our state prevent suicide. Call and ask your state senator to pass HB 3980!

NAMI Texas advocates and allies in mental health and suicide prevention,

Texas has a public health crisis with its steadily increasing suicide rates. To effectively stop suicide, we need to know which groups and areas of the state are most at risk and why. However, Texas does not have comprehensive, long-term data on how often suicide happens across different ages, areas, and groups in the state.  We need data-driven policy and agency solutions to suicide.

HB 3980 requires the Health and Human Services Commission to study and report on suicide in Texas, including prevalence, laws, statewide and agency efforts to address suicide.  This would help us better understand which regions of the state and demographics are most at risk of dying by suicide, including breaking down data by age, gender, occupation, geographic considerations, and groups.  We would then use this report to coordinate suicide prevention efforts across state agencies and develop effective state policy around suicide prevention.

This important report can only happen if HB 3980, which passed unanimously in the House, passes the senate.  We need your help right now to stop suicide in Texas by calling your state senator and urging them to support HB 3980!

You can use the script below:
"Good morning, my name is _____ and I am a constituent of Senator _______.  I want to see Texas move forward on bringing down our high suicide rates, and that is why I strongly support Senate Bill 1390, a comprehensive report on suicide prevention efforts across the state, and I urge Senator ________ to help this bill receive a hearing as soon as possible.  We can stop suicide and save lives if we have the right information about where we need to go from here to reduce suicide.  Thank you for your time.”    
Thanks for your support!
This campaign has now concluded.