Securing Housing

Poor housing, such as housing that’s too expensive, run-down or over-crowded, can lead to poor overall health. It can also make recovery from mental health or substance use problems much more difficult. When this basic need isn’t met, people cycle in and out of homelessness, jails, shelters and hospitals. Having a safe, appropriate place to live can provide stability to allow you to achieve your goals.

Someone with a mental health condition may run into housing issues after being discharged from an inpatient care unit or jail and find that they have no home to return to. Even if individuals have been hospitalized, finding an affordable home can be difficult. Many people with a serious mental illness live on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which averages just 18% of the median income and can make finding an affordable home near impossible.

Finding stable, safe and affordable housing can support recovery and prevent hospitalizations, homelessness and involvement in the criminal justice system.

In rapidly growing cities like Nashville, the affordable housing crisis is particularly challenging for those with mental health conditions. 

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